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* Recipe developed by Chief Crumb in 1864 still a popular favorite today!

DETROIT, MI – Better Made Snack Foods is pleased to announce that Rainbow Chips are now available in stores throughout Metro Detroit. The sweet burnt tasting chips are also offered in four-packs at Better Made’s website for $15.15.

“We get a lot of requests for our Rainbow Chips,” says Mike Schena, President of Better Made. “In the past there was a limited quantity available and the demand usually exceeded what was on hand. Now, we are very excited to be able to provide our customers with an ample supply of them. We’ve worked to develop a potato that produces this great tasting chip through most of the year.”

In 1864 Chief Crumb, a Native American chef, developed the Sarasota Chip, a unique chip dark in color with a sweet burnt taste. The only potatoes available at the time were “table stock” potatoes that were high in sugar. They were sliced and cooked in 25 to 100 pound batches in kettles over a direct flame, which caused the sugar to caramelize and turn the chips brown.

As new technology emerged, chips came out lighter in color and the darker ones were removed. However, some still craved the sweet burnt taste of the darker chip. Better Made would collect the darker chips and package them as “Rainbow” chips. The consumer response was so overwhelming that the company was not able to meet demand. Since then, Better Made has worked with farmers to develop a variety of potatoes that produce this type of chip. As a result, Old Fashioned Dark Rainbow Chips area now available almost year-round!

Founded in 1930 in Detroit as Cross and Peters, Better Made has developed and provided a wide variety of high quality award-winning snack foods, including flavored potato chips, potato sticks, gourmet popcorn, krinkle chips, rainbows, crunchy and kettle cooked chips, popcorn, pretzels, beef jerky, tortilla chips, puff stuff, pork rinds, wearable's and more! The family-owned company uses locally grown potatoes and trans fat-free cottonseed oil. For more information, please visit www.bettermadesnackfoods.com. You may also follow Better Made on Facebook and Twitter.


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