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Mom of the Year Contest

Win a FREE Sampler Gift Box

Mothers! They do so much for us! Caring for us when sick, making sure we have a little extra cash for special times, packing our lunches for school and giving us advice when we need as adults. Now it is your turn to give back. Better Made Snack Foods is voting " Mom of the Year"!

The Mom of the winning entry will receive a delicious Better Made sampler gift box!

All submissions will be posted on the Better Made website. The winner will be chosen on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 11th.

Enter Your Mother

2014 Mom of the Year Winner - Angie Gillespie

I am the oldest child in my family, and know my mother, Angie, very well. My mom is the best mother around, and the only mother for us, so even if she doesn't win the title, she has already earned it with us. I believe that my mother should be mother of the year because of her courage, positive attitude, loving nature, and genuine personality that is pure and wonderful".

My mother is the mom of eight children, ages 4 to 17. She has been a single mother for the past three years, raising, providing and caring for her children all by herself. She hardly complains about the hard task before her every day, but instead pulls herself out of bed each and every morning ready to tackle the day with hope and faith shining in her eyes. Her days are long and tiring. Seven of her eight children have been diagnosed with autism, and many of her children have other medical problems.

During Christmas, her six-year-old son was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. Because of this, her days are spent making several trips to Seattle Autism Center and Children's Hospital, and many other cities for her children and their multiple doctor appointments and therapy sessions.

Because of how much her children need her, my mother has decided not to return to work but to instead give up her pride to ask for financial aid. This isn't easy. The paperwork and meetings are long and painful. And my mother, who has her Bachelor's Degree, often wishes there was a better way. But this is how she can be a 'stay-at-home mom' for her children. She loves her children, she loves us, absolutely and perfectly. Although she is not perfect; with her cranky days, moments of doubt, and times of craziness, she is always there for us. I can always count on her to listen to me, even when I am wrong. I can always know that when I need help, she'll be the first to be at my side.

This is my mother. She has taught me so much like honesty, virtue, courage, strength, personal integrity, benevolence, hope, faith, endurance, personal self-worth, and value. She has inspired me to be all I can be, and nothing less. She has more strength than anyone we know. This award would be our way of saying "Thank You for being our Mom, because no one could do it like you do.

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