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Why I Love Michigan

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A Love Story

From skiing at one Michigan's beautiful state parks or resorts, to golfing up north, to enjoying the sandy beaches on endless shorelines, to traveling to the top of Brockway Mountain in Copper Harbor, and all points in between, we all love our home - Michigan!

We've all heard Tim Allen's golden voice on the radio talking about the beautiful places to visit in Michigan, and now it's your turn to tell us why you think Michigan is the best place to live, work, and have fun in the entire world! From now until March 31st Better Made Snack Foods wants your "Love Letters To Michigan". In early April the winners will be announced, and they will receive a sampler box

The Winner is Kayla Owens

Kayla Owens has a true love for Michigan and fond memories of traveling to the Upper Peninsula in car trips with her family to visit relatives. Kayla's letter was the overwhelming winner of Better Made Snack Foods' Michigan Love Letters writing contest with a total of 13,166 votes of the 25,000 people that voted. Kayla writes:


My name is Kayla Owens. I'm 13 years old and in 7th grade at Powell Middle School in Washington, MI. I love going to the Upper Peninsula with my family to see the sights and other family members. This is our story of why we love Michigan.

First, I visit my family up in Hulbert, Michigan. We have fun riding our bikes up and down the narrow, gorgeous roads that twist and turn near my Great Grandma's house. I go with my twin brother who is younger by three minutes. We also see all our other cousins at our annual family reunion at the American Legion each Fourth of July. We admire the fireworks that explode with the most exquisite colors. We have potato sack, three legged, and wheel barrel races.

One of my favorite events is the 4th of July Parade. My great grandma, Hazel, is on the Grand Marshall float. She will always be the one wearing the tiara because she is the oldest citizen in the town. We call her the Queen of Hulbert. She lets me sit with her and help her pass out candy to the little kids. Next, we go to the Blueberry Festival in Paradise. I got my first toy bow and arrow (now I have a real one) and I bring it up to my grandma's house and shoot at a target. Finally, I am eligible for the Juniors Hunt.

When we are in the Upper Peninsula, we always pass the fields where they actually grow the Better Made Potatoes. The potato fields look nice and fresh and that is why we always eat Better Made potato chips. They are made in Michigan and it is nice to see them growing with our own eyes.

My favorite time of the year is fall because it is my birthday. We get to go to the Upper Peninsula and see the colors of leaves on the trees. We lay on the ground and let them hit us. They look like rainbow drops hitting the ground ever so gracefully.

In the summer I also enjoy the sun-warmed water of Lake Superior and I climb a huge brittle rock that is still there. I caught my first tadpole in my hands there and it was light brown and the sides of it were black. I carefully placed it back in the water. We also go fishing on the Tahquamenon River and get a mouthful of water from "Old Faceful" the freshest water I've ever had. With all these fun pleasures that are so dear to my family and me, you can see why I love Michigan.

Your potato chip eating friend,
Kayla Owens

All of us at Better Made want to say congratulations to Kayla, and say thank you to everyone that took the time to write and vote," says Mark Winkelman, President of Better Made. "We do live in one spectacular state and we use as many home grown potatoes as possible.

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