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Dad of the Year Contest

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Dads! They are our rock! If we are girls- we are Daddy's little princess- and if we are boys- they teach us how to play baseball and football. Give Dad a present he is sure to enjoy - Better Made Snack Foods! Vote for " Dad of the Year"! NOW!

The Dad of the winning entry will receive a delicious Better Made sampler gift box!

All submissions will be posted on the Better Made website. The winner will be chosen on Father's Day Sunday, June 15th.

Enter Your Father

2014 Dad of the Year Winner - Tom A. Valik

My Father has always been a man of honesty, fairness, and love. He was always the type of Father that never lied, and loved his family and friends unconditional. One of his sayings was, "Do you know your Mother and I love you? Do we lie to you? The answer - yes and no. Then it doesn't matter what you say to anyone when you're upset with us, you know the truth." My Father is a SAINT!

He never judges anyone, he will help out anyone in need of assistance. My life has been such a learning experience every day because of his wisdom and love. I would have to write a book to Better Made to truly give him the justice and honor he deserves. I know other Fathers in this contest are great, as well, but I am biased and only know my Father's gift he has given to me, and my brother. I will never be able to tell him or show him how much he means to me, because it is infinite. I will never be the man he is and one day I just hope to be able to stand on just one step of his stage of greatness. Thank you for you time and for at least reading a bit of how I love my Pop.

-- Tim Valik


Dad, Padre, Poppers, Daddy, even "Pumpkin Grandpa"...he has many different names, but most of all, he's my #1.

D edicated father, grandfather, and friend O ver the top encouragement, even when times are tough
N ever misses a chance to celebrate even the little victories
H elpful, hopeful, handy with words, putting aside every Wednesday for Daddy-daughter days
A lways there to offer an ear, a hand, or fatherly advice
D riving and flying, showing me to love the whole world, all cultures, all people
L iving in Tucson now, but spent 70+ years in MI but coming home 6x a year!
E xiciting: mules to Grand Canyon, Great Wall of China, hot-air balloons
Y outhful 80 years old--still working as a school psychologist because of his love for children

My dad is so many things to me. Without him showing me the world and acceptance of all, I probably never would have become in ESL teacher. Watching him work as hard as he does, and still does at 80 years old, it's inspiring. Watching him care for others and care about others, even taking time to get to know the bank tellers by name, waiters and waitresses and their stories, opening his home to his 93 year old father-in-law and making sure he is happy, he always puts other before himself and thinks nothing of it--it's just who he is and it's what makes him happy. He is my dad, my Poppers, and my #1 Padre.

-- Shannon

I am entering, Avram Hoffman for father of the year. He is a 32 year old father of three amazing daughters ages 4,2, and 1. We met in 2003 and by 2008 decided to spend the rest of our lives together. We moved from North Carolina to Detroit in 2008 so I could persue a career in Medicine as a surgeon. I began work as surgery resident and shortly after that we had our first daughter. When Avram decided to move from North Carolina to Michigan he left a promising career behind him, as well as his work with a Nonprofit organization. He enrolled at Wayne State to continue his education, however we decided with children one of us would become a stay at home parent. We now have three daughters and he is a full time stay at home dad. He is an amazing father, and has taught our oldest to read and write before starting preschool. He also engages all three children in activities including going to the museums, library and zoo. He also parcipates in tea parties, princess dress up, plays dolls, builds forts, and even learned to braid and do amazing hair styles. He has never complained about setting his own goals aside so I can achieve and concentrate on my career goals.

-- Arika

My dad is the best. He is my hero. Why I say this is because he picked me up when I fell, he was right behind me even if I was wrong, he never gave up. He didn't give up through my parents divorce, through his battle with leukemia, through family problems, through broken bones, through down to the wire money problems, through skinned knees and even my stubbornness. He always threw something together when times were tough. He was always a good dad, but it got fifty times better when he found God. Now, I don't exactly remember why or when we started going to church but we did. I watched my dad change before my eyes. He went from a dad to a daddy if that makes sense. The kind of dad who you could tell anything to. He would pray with us and read out of the Bible. We have been through some crazy stuff together. But, like I said, he never let go. Not for one second. I can't even imagine my life or a part of my life without him. It makes me emotional to think about all of the sacrifices that he has made for my sister and I. And to everyone else, the first time they meet him, they smile. They laugh. It's always like they have known him all their lives. My dad is the most loving, caring, dedicated, friendly, and charming man I know. And he is always willing to give to people who need it most. I respect him so much. I honestly don't think there is a better dad in the world then my own.

-- Kaylee

I think my father should be father of the year because, he always knows how to put a smile on my face. One of the things that I love about my father is, that he can be funny if he's in a good mood, and serious if he needs to. My father loves me and my family, and wants us to continue on in life the right way. He is always able to make me feel better when I'm down, and make me even happier when I'm just having fun. If I want something, my father would try to get it for me, and if he can't, he tries to replace it with something better and cheaper. Sometimes my father will punish me but that is because I deserve it.

-- Rachel

My dad is the best dad EVER. From the beginning he read to me and tucked me into bed every night, which led to me being an awesome student in school. He helped me with my homework, every Saturday we would go out to do errands and it was a special daddy daughter time. My dad exposed me to music and playing guitar. As a teenager my dad taught me the value of education. He is always there for me in any situation. For example, he picked me up when I got stranded at the beach at 2am, he is amazing. My sister would say the same. I want my dad to be recognized as the awesome father he is.

-- Melody

My father is 53 years old he works hard on the midnight shift every night and is an exceptional father and husband he is your average good old fashion family man! HE would do anything for me and my brother always helping us out with anything we need I am 22 and my brother is 24 with a child so my father is also a proud grandfather. Being a father isn't always easy it takes dedication and discipline that he provides and has distilled in us throughout our lives. If I had to make this short and sweet I would say my father deserves to be father of the year because he is everything I would want for my kids to grow up with I could only hope to find a man half amazing as my father is! I am so glad to grow up with his example of how things should be He does not drink or smoke which is hard to find in this generation I absolutely think my father deserves father of the year 100%. HE ALSO LOVES BETTER MADE CHIPS THEY ARE HIS FAVORITE SNACK.

-- Amanda

I'm so proud of my dad for all that he has done, and he always has my back. He is my biggest supporter. My dad is 90 years old, and still active. He worked every day to provide for his family, we were his number one priority. He cared for us, made sure we were out of harm's way, guided us through life, and even today I still go seek advice from my dad. He's always given me sound advice. My dad always put our needs/wants before his own. I lost my mom a few years ago, and I saw a different side of my dad then, he was always tender, caring, but being the caregiver of my mom, I saw him in a different way. Hard to explain, he spent every minute with my mom right up until the end. We couldn't of pulled him away even if we tried. My dad lost his best friend, his wife, and while most folks would give up, and loose their sense of being, not my dad. We gave him his time to grieve, and in a few months he became active with the senior center. I'm so proud of him for doing this, as I'm sure it must of been hard considering he spent the last 64 years with the love of his life by his side. My dad is very generous man, he would give you his last dollar if you told him that you needed it more than he did, or for that matter if you asked him, and he only had a 1.00 in his pocket, it would be yours.

There's nothing more that I would like to see than him being father of the year award, but if he doesn't, that's alright he's already the father of the year to me. My pops is tops in my book!

-- Jackie

My husband, Marcus Strickland should win Father of the Year award because he is first and for most a lover of Jesus Christ, a wonderful husband to me and an awesome father to our 3 children. He takes time to make each child feel special as well as teaches them the importance of our beliefs in Jesus Christ. He tries to look into each one of our children's eyes daily to tell them that he loves them. He makes sure we have what we need ...always. He knows what sacrifice means, it is a daily act of service for him. He is a man of God and I feel that he deserves an award such as this even if it is written by his wife.

-- Cristen

I like to enter my hubby gary,i have never met a father as great as him,he raises my daughter who is not his by birth,they adore each other,he also has 3 other kids who live in diff states,i know it kills him to not be able to see them as much as he wishes,but when he does have them with him,his goal is to keep them happy,he makes sure his kids have what they want,even if it means him doing without.when he is with his kids is when he is hapoiest and his face just lights up,i have never seen such a loveing,careing,giving father in my life,its hard on him to not have his kids everyday and it eats him up,his efforts are strong and if anyone deserves this it is him!

-- Amber

My daddy works hard. He got hurt at work and went back before he should so he could help my mommy pay the bills. My addy loves to take us fishing and he teaches me how to get the fish off my hook. My dad likes to be silly with me and stuff. He is such a hard worker and does his best. My dad quit smoking too so now when we are out he dosent have to leave to go smoke an icky cigarette. I love my daddy and he is the best for me and my little brother.


Before my father died at the age of 50, he always said to us "michael, ambet and tomo i am ready to die after you finish your study". Our family belongs to the poorest family in he Philippines that's why my father always says that because for him only study can save us from poverty. To date, My older brother - Michael is a Registered Civil Engineer, my youngest brother is undergraduate of engineering course and currently working in one of big firms in he Philippines, and me is a Certified Public Accountant.

I am very proud to my Dad because of his eagerness to us to send to the school. Sometimes, even we have no food to eat he spend his money for tuition fee. He did not buy any gadgets, clothes, accessories, etc instead he save his money for school expenses. He cannot loan if the proceeds goes to luxury items such as home improvement, etc instead he loan for or tuition fees.

I salute to my Father - Pacito E. Eje.

-- Albert

My dad is an amazing man. He is father to three children although only two of them are biological. He is not my biological father yet he always treated me as if I were. Even at the age of 24 if I need help and it is within his means he will help me. The only time I've ever seen that man cry was the day he told me he was not my biological father. Not only is he great to me butmy sister and brother as well. My brother is only 7 and as long as he's well behaved he get all kinds of toys and games. We always had cats as pets growing up even though my dads not a cat person. My brother has a cat too. He always played games with us when we asked even after a long day at work. My father has always been and still is a hard working man. He works whatever overtime he can get and years ago had two jobs so he could support us. My mom gets home late so my dad gets my brother off the bus and cooks dinner after working all day. He's also a handy man. He's always trying to improve the house. He recently remodeled thier bathroom. My father is a fantic dad and an amazing person. He's never let me or any of his children down. Some people have a super mom but I have a super dad!

-- Savanna

This year, my dad is more than just "Father of the Year". He's now "GRAND Father of the Year" too. In January, when my son was born, it all came together for me. My dad is truly Grand! Watching my ol' man as he leans in close to my newborn son, making silly faces and funny noises, all to get a tiny little smile...that's special. I can't remember the days when I was a newborn, and I'll never truly know all my father did over the years to make my life great, but now I can see, through my son, what he did for me far before I could ever remember. For 30 years he's done the simple things. He cooed at me when I was small, he made goofy faces just to get a grin, he told bedtime stories that made me laugh, and coached every little league game I played in. As I grew, he taught me values and let me learn life-lessons. He was always busy, but not too busy to be Dad. He's never stopped trying to be a better version of himself, but I think he's the best already. He's GRAND Father of the Year. I love you, Dad!

-- Jessica

Lt Col Eric Turnbull just celebrated 30 years of active duty service with the Air Force. He deployed to Iraq for a year and earned a bronze star for bravery after being in so many attacks. He deployed to Kuwait, Afghanistan and Africa. He reads at school and talks about his travels. He celebrates Veterans Day with us. He is the best dad in the world. He never complains even with difficult deployment conditions in Iraq. He smiles and helps with Girl Scouts.

-- Grace

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Deana Lyn Frechette. I would like to share with you why I feel so passionately that my Father, John David Smith, be chosen as father of the year.

This INCREDIBLY warm hearted man was NEVER aware that I was born. He had no idea my birth mother was pregnant with me. She eloped with another man and left him broken hearted. She later found out she was pregnant and being from the middle east, she told me her brothers threatened to kill me (the baby) and her, if she kept me because I was conceived out of wedlock and would be a disgrace to the family name.

Therefore, my birth mother put me up for adoption without his knowledge. As we found out today, I was not given a name. My birth record was no name for my first name and no name for my middle name and my last name was that of my birth mother's husband, whom was no relation to me, Fligg.

I was fortunate enough to be adopted into a loving home. I only had to spend two weeks in an orphanage before being placed with a family that loved me as their own. I grew up with two loving parents, whom I knew as Mommy and Daddy and then came along a little brother. I had what seemed to be the normal American life, until I was robbed of my innocence at age 6-7 and was told of my adoption. At that point, I innocently shared my story with children on the playground who were EVERSO quick to let me know that I indeed did not have a REAL FAMILY and I really didn't belong to anyone. I quickly tried to remove their doubts of my belongingness by making false statements such as my parents signed the papers before I was born and things I can't even believe I could think of so young! They didn't bite. My outcast status was already predetermined by these children and albeit they weren't trying to be cruel, at least I don't think they were, they certainly created a hole in my heart that was never ever filled. I grew up with a stigma attached to my adoption and a fear of ever being told I didn't belong, so as a little girl, I remember vividly a piece of my innocence lost and my heart dying on that day standing there on my elementary school playground in my plaid dress and knee high socks.

Through the years I wanted to know who I was, where I came from, why I wasn't wanted by my birth parents, and what my heritage was. I wanted to be wanted by my birth parents too! I wondered what was wrong with me, but never had the courage to ask anyone. I had a fear of rejection and embarrassment along with the reality of not belonging to anyone that emotionally paralyzed me in multiple ways.

By the age of 17, my birth mother had found a way to make contact via letters and a couple of phone calls. At 17 curiosity got the best of me and I went and met her. I was quite confused about the honor killing portion of it and not quite mature enough to ask questions, so after that one visit, I cut ties. Just this past year, I decided I couldn't let the fear of rejection keep me from searching for my birth parents. Whatever the reason he didn't want me, I was going to face it and try to find him, if he was alive and find the answers I've always dreamed of having and I even let myself hope for a set of open arms, if he was alive. I told myself that he must have had his reasons for not being able to keep me or not wanting to keep me back then. I just hoped and prayed that if I was lucky enough to find him and find him alive, that he'd be open enough to at least give me a try.

So, this past fall, of 2013, I was given the name of my birth father by one of my birth mother's sisters. His name is: John Smith. I was dumbfounded! John Smith?!!?? Do you have any idea how hard this will be I cried? I chuckled between tears and stated my thoughts why not Syzmanski or something less common? Well, I was told he drove a truck, possibly had a trucking company, and that he lived in Pennsylvania. Between my all nighters searching the internet, and to those of you who don't think you can reach the end of the internet, I beg to differ, because, I for one, felt like I reached the end numerous times as I scoured each and every John Smith I could find! With the help of my P.I. friend, we made contact with John Smith, who although reluctant to believe he could possibly have fathered a child unbeknownst to him, he NOT ONCE, let me repeat that, NOT ONE TIME EVER, did this STAND UP MAN turn his back on this girl. He STOOD UP to the plate and he called me back and he spoke with me at length and stood by me as I poured out my fears and hopes and facts as I'd been told them. He stood by me to such an extent that in my heart, HE'D ALREADY WON A PIECE OF MY HEART, whether he was truly MY birth father or not! A stand up man he IS AND WAS through the entire fall of 2013. We grew to know each other via numerous (sometimes more than several times a day) phone calls and text messages. All I could think is, what if this is my father, oh my God, could this be him? I didn't want to let myself fall in love with this thought because truly, I didn't know if he was or not. I didn't want to hope for something that I didn't know if I had a right to hope for. I just wanted facts. He and I both agreed that a paternity DNA test would put both of our minds at rest and give us the answers we both longed for.

December 24th, 2013, the answer arrived My Father, John David Smith, got the news. It's a GIRL! He called me to share with me that, in fact, HE is MY DADDY and I am HIS girl!!!

We met in person on Valentine's Day 2014. I went from a scared little girl to a grown woman with equal fears as I flew alone from my home in Florida first stop in D.C., then onto a crop duster to Pennsylvania, where the man I had NEVER set eyes on nor him me, would greet me, take me into his arms, heart, family, and home and LOVE ME AS HIS VERY OWN! This man, John David Smith, not only has captured the heart of HIS LITTLE GIRL, but he has captured the hearts now of my children, who have been warmly received and loved as I have by this wonderful loving man, MY DADDY, along with his wife and my siblings! I can't FATHOM a MAN MORE DESERVING OF THE TITLE OF FATHER OF THE YEAR for the LOVE AND HEALING HE HAS GIVEN TO THIS GIRL, HIS DAUGHTER! Although 41 years have been DELIBERATELY stolen from him, we both agree that we will make the MOST of each and every day from 12/24/13 forward. It is impossible not to visit the grossly unfair acts of others that caused the loss of this relationship, however we both also credit my adoptive parents for loving me and raising me in a loving, healthy, happy home and raising me as their own. Since our initial meeting, I've flown back 4 times in 3 months and Daddy has visited my home as well. He was able to visit my adoptive mom and they formed a relationship as my parents. They plan to sit down together again so my mom can share stories of my childhood with MY DADDY!

At the present time, I have several more plane tickets purchased for myself and my children to visit my family in Pennsylvania. With the support of my father, I am in the process of petitioning the court in Massachusetts to change my original birth record to accurately reflect the facts. Those facts' being that John David Smith IS my birth father and rightfully should be on my original birth record along with having my name changed to Deana Lyn SMITH as he and I both deserve. Not only do I have my birth father's support with this, he wrote a letter to the court, city clerk, and vital office of statistics and had all notarized on behalf of this petition. He too, wants this record to reflect the truth.


Love Forever and Always,

Your Little Girl

-- Deana Lyn Frechette Smith

Jeffrey never knew that being a father would be so rewarding and I never realized how great of a father he would be. In 2005 our son, Samuel, was born. From that day forward, he had dedicated his life to being a wonderful husband, dad, coach and friend. Not a dad goes by that he doesn't tell us that he loves us and you can catch him smiling every minute of the day with his best friend, his son, Sammy.

-- Bristol

I am chooseing my sons father Ricky wells, even though we are not together in a relationship he has taken full responsibility for our son. Rick and I continue to be best of friends along with my husband Eric who is also best of friends with Rick. We tackle all issues together as a family.You don't see many familys after separation stick together and still have a bond as we do. He is one of a kind, all around great guy , from homework to Lego time he is there as we all are to support our son Damian. I would love for him to be granted father of year!

thank you better made for all that you do for our community

-- Stephanie

Anyone can be a Dad, but it takes a special person to be a Father. Michael J. Carter, Sr. fits the definition of the world greatest father. My father I've only known him for 21 years, but he has been the greatest 21 years of my life. When I though I was having a bad day and things were not going so swell, my Dad was there to tell me things were going to be alright. He seem to have a solution to any problems I encourter. As a little boy, on those nights I couldn't sleep, he would read to me. When my stomach was upset, he knew just what to do. There was always something that me Eric and my brother Michael, Jr. and my Dad would do together on the weekends sent together,basketball, baseball, bowling, football games we attended were awesome. It was one time I fell and hit my head while in school and needed medical attention, my dad was there to get that attention that I needed.

I didn't really understand why my father would give me timeouts, but now I understand, it helped me to be the person in which I have become. Eric A. Carter, 21 years old, in my senior year at Michigan Tech. University, majoring in Engineering, grade point average 3.8, with a successful future ahead of me due to the hard work and love provided by my dad Michael J. Carter, Sr. The greatest Father. Everyday is Father's Day not just June 15th. Thank you Dad.

-- Eric

My FATHER has passed and a good DAD he was,RIP DAD. MY nephew Pete Mattice is a MARINE and did 3 tours over seas. He now has PSD and works on it everyday.With all he has been through and is still going throuth HE loves his country and family and works with his problems everyday. He has two lovely daughters and they LOVE their DADDY very much and he is so good with them. I have heard him say many times HE has the American DREAM and wants to work hard on getting better to keep it!

-- Linda

My step dad Todd Johnson is a great dad. He has 10 kids in our family. My sister and I and my 2 younger brothers are adopted. He has also a 21 year old son and 20 year old son and twin boys age 16 and twin girls age 12. He feeds us and buys us all new clothes for school. He always bus us what we need before he buys any of his new stuff. My dad plays sports and helps us with homework and lives our mom very much. My mom says he does a lot more than he should but that's why he loves us and why we love him very very much.

-- Todd

My father, Patrick Ariganello, should be father of the year! He has always worked 7 days a week, providing for his family. He is very handy around the house and makes dinner nightly. He still somehow finds time to create masterpieces for our home. My father works in maintenance, but is the most artistic and creative person I have known. Our house is filled with art that he has created. He also makes time to watch his Detroit sports, spurring my love for them. Any care package that he's made for me while I was away at school or now living in NC, he has always included my favorite MIchigan treats, including BM chips! I love him infinitely. Please pick my dad!

-- Sara

My father has undergone several tests and procedures to determine he has Parkinson's . With this he lost his job and can't do his favorite activities because he has to use a Caine and can barely walk. With all of this he still attends all of the gatherings, stays positive, and makes everyone laugh. He is the best father and deserves to be considered the father of the year.

-- D'Anna

I have the most AMAZING dad! He is always there for me and my brother. He went to every single event we ever had while in school. We are both in college seven hours away now and we know that if we asked, he would jump in the car and come up here. My dad is my hero, my champion, my biggest fan, and my best friend.

-- Olivia

My dad Paul Waldecker should be father of the year, because he is the best Dad any daughter could ever want, my husband has been deployed while I currently serving in the army, and. I can't count how many tribes he has came over to fix things, help me paint and do many things, all while himself not being in the best of health, He is always available to help and He just loves spending time with his grandkids as well, he is an amazing father who always made sacrifices for our family, that's why I would like to do this for him, thank you so much

-- Kelly

I think my dad deserves to be father of the year because he is working very hard so we can buy a home of our own. We rent a house and are lucky to have a place to live but it is not our home. My dad travels a lot and we don't get to see him a lot but he makes sure he spends time with me when he gets home. I miss him a lot but I know he is doing it for our family and I love my dad so much. That is why my dad should be father of the year.

-- Samantha

When your in the military its hard being away from for family, but when you get to see them and you dad tell you how proud he is of you that you serve your country. My father deserves father of the year because no matter what my dad is proud of me and my brother. Whenever we need him he is there. Best memory as a kid mom would drop us of with dad at work he work at a bar we would be be in the kitchen while dad was cooking sitting on 5 gal pickle buckets eaten better made chips.

-- Michael

My dad was a blind man that took care of 3 kids on his own after my mom dad i just want to say thank you dad for all you did for us.

-- Kristy

Where do I start. He's my dad, he puts the family before himself all of the time. He loves my mom and together they have raised me and my other 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He has never been afraid to tell us "no" but he always shows that he loves us. His name is Joe also and I was named after him and my Grandfather who was also named Joe. Its hard to pit into words why he should be Father of they year. I'm sure there are other great fathers, but the best way to describe our father is that he leads by example, he's compassionate, old fashioned, loving, caring, funny, loves to be with family and makes family his number one priority. He's a great cook and love to BBQ/Grill outside. He helps people all of the time, even total strangers and tells us to always help people if they need it. He never walks by a homeless person without putting money in their cup. Is he perfect? probably not, but he's perfect for our family and above all things he loves us and thats all that matters.

-- Joe

My father helped me do my homework when it was due. He stayed up all night to make sure it was completely done even though he had to work the next morning at 6:00am. By him helping me I was able to graduate on time. Thanks dad for everything you do. I love you.

-- Valerie

Well he's not my father, but he is a father, my son'a father.

He deserves to be father of the year because while I'm at work (8-5) he's taking care of our child, which should be expected, but in his case he works all night and still manages to keep our son as happy as can be with literally zero sleep.

He is a model father that so many fathers are not in this day and age. He supports our family, and is always there for everyone here. He selflessly does whatever is needed to make our one year old happy. Our baby, Liam, is perfect and he is the reason. Even if I come home grumpy from a long day of work, he's there with Liam and it makes my day so much better.

He is everything a good father should be and more. It think he should win because he deserves a little recognition for EVERYTHING he does, even if it is just some chips (which he would totally appreciate). He's not rich, he's not perfect (who is?), but he IS a good father and as good a person as he can be an is always striving to be better.

My son can't type right now, but if he could I can only assume he'd be saying "I love my daddy, and he loves me, now give him some free chips!"

-- Jessika

I am writing for my daughter (Sasha), she has Down Syndrome and cannot read or write. She wants to nominate her father who is there for her every day, works many hours so mom is able to be home for her. He helps her train for her Special Olympic events, is there for her to cheer her on, holds her close when she is sad and hurting. Sasha loves her Dad so very very much!

-- Carol

I am writing on behalf of my sons, Max, age 11 months, and Rhys, age 6 weeks. As you can tell, we have a busy house with such little boys, and their daddy is a hero, both at work and at home. Andrew, their daddy, spends all day working for the Army National Guard and then comes home to cook, clean, and care for the family. I have had three spinal surgeries (and a baby) in the past six months, and I am not permitted to bend or even lift our boys. Without such a loving, caring, and compassionate father, my boys would have a very hard life. Such a hero deserves to be rewarded for his amazing efforts and his continuous love and dedication to his boys!

-- Rena

While my husband works 50+ hours every week, he always makes time for our six kids, five of them girls!! He writes them a sweet note every single day and always makes sure they know how important and beautiful they all are.

-- Jessica

My dad should win father of the year and I actually think he deserves father of the decade. He's fun to be around, always makes people laugh, will do anything to help and protect his kids, and has down to earth advice. I respect him and enjoy his company very much. But all of these reasons is only part of why he deserves father of the year. The main reason is because he saved me and my sisters from living in the environment we were in. Take it back to when my mother and him divorced, she purposely kept him out of our lives. When we went to foster care for abuse, he went to court and got custody of us and him and my step-mom have been the most awesome parents ever. He saved me and my sisters from our mom, from foster care, and introduced us to a wonderful new world.

-- Sarah

My father, Frank Mongogna should be father of the year because of the following reasons. Frank is not my biological father but has been a father and dad to me for a long time. He has always treated me and cared for me like his own child, if not better. He is a very loving and caring man, and has a baby girl on the way with my mom. It will be my little sister, and Frank's first "biological" child. Her name will be Natalie Diane, and our family is very excited for our newest addition to arrive in late September. Frank is a very hard working mechanic who supports my mother and I every day. He is old fashioned, has morals, and respects my mom and I to the fullest. I am very proud to call Frank my dad and can not wait to spend the rest of our lives with him. I love him very very much and couldn't ask for a better man/dad for my mom and I.

-- Allyson

He so hard working he works tirelessly bto provide for myself and our three children and somehow still find the time to help his and my extended family and friends. Although he doesn't get to spend as much time as he wants with the kids and I he trys to make every moment count. He has a big heart always helping others when he sees them in need. always giving to others even when it his last. Words cannot describe the person he is and has become.

-- Dionna

My dad rocks because he gives me cookies when mom isn't looking, watches bubble guppies and seems to enjoy it, holds me when I am scared, throws the ball with me, dresses exactly like me on Easter, does the best silly monster, laughs when I toot, dances with me, let's me play outside all the time, and most importantly, he loves my mom!

-- Steele

I'm entering for my son, Brian Bailey...he's only 24 and the father of three! Their ages are 4yrs-Brian, 2yrs-Benny and 8mo-Brookelyn. My 2 year old grandson, Benny, is special needs with CP, feeding tube and trache. Every time I watch my son (and their mom) with the kids, it warms my heart. They are doing the best they can with three kids when they are pretty young themselves. I see fathers that are blessed with healthy kids and will have nothing to do with them. My son loves my grand kids very much and he changes feeding tubes, traches, and diapers on two of the three kids. I'm very proud of him. If more fathers were half that caring and responsible....it would be a better world.

On another note...I've discovered the Special Dark chips....Love 'em!!

-- Michelle

My dad is the rock of our family. Hes a husband, a father, a farmer, and a trucker. Dad has always busted his butt to provide an amazing life for his wife and his three girls. Dad as always put his own health last and seeing that my mom is taken care of, a three time cancer survivor!!! My sister got really sick and was in University of Iowa for 17 days. Dad would go visit her but majority of the time he was home working to make ends meet. Dad is one of the most caring people I know he will go out of his was to help a person in need whether it be some cash, corn, or a ride. Growing up on a farm dad always tried to find time here or there to play with us girls, even if it was riding on the tractor!!! Huge thank you to him for being an amazing dad!!!

-- Ashley

My dad is protecting his family.He treats his wife and children with love and respect.He is a teacher for his family.He teaches his family.He takes responsibility for his family and gives them knowledge.He trains and instucts the resources.He is a foundation of his family.People see his wife the way he cares for her with children.His family function well and working together.He does not rule his house,he leads his house.He does not suppress,oppress or depress the potential and talents of others.He releases and cultivates them.He does not try to inhibit his family or create an atmosphere of fear.When he is not at home,his family miss him .

-- William

My dad has always been there for me. He worked very hard for us to make sure we had everything we needed to live a comfortable life. And as kids we had to move, we begged him to buy the house we looked at that had the pool (he did not care for the house itself as it was a repo) but since he wanted to please us, he bought that house and fixed it up. Always put us girls first. He is the best!

-- Kris

My Dad

My dad is the best dad in the entire world. He is one of the most caring people I've ever met in my life. No matter whether I'm having one of the best days of my life or one of the worst, he has always been there for me. I know I can call him any time of day and he'll be there when I need him. He's selfless in this way. All I have to do is say I need you and he drops what he's doing and comes to the rescue.

Throughout the years I have learned so many things from him. I've learned to laugh, learned to think about others, and most of all I've learned to love. Without him I never would've known what real love feels like. I know how a man should treat you, and definitely know how they shouldn't. I blame him for being able to find the best husband in the entire world because he showed me what loves looks like with my mother. Never did they fight or raise their voices. They always resolved things calmly, and never spared my eyes from anything. I can remember countless times when my brother and I would be sitting in the kitchen as my parents were kissing. Never once has he shown anything but love toward my mother regardless of how many times his children said Ewww...that's gross.

Another important thing I've learned from my dad is to fish. I know it sounds so minor but to my brother and I, it means the world. As we got old enough, we learned to bait our own hooks, take the fish off the hook, and even learned how to clean them. There are countless memories of fishing with my dad. There has never been a time that we didn't have fun whether we catch anything or not. It's not about what you catch, but about the time I got to spend with my dad. Fishing is one of the many ways my dad shows how much he cares. He's not a verbal person when saying he loves someone. I can count on one hand the amount of times he's told me he loves me, but there aren't enough hands in the world that can count how many ways he's shown how much he loves me. I have never in my life felt that he doesn't care because I know he does. Just by asking me to go fishing, he's saying he loves me.

We did a lot of outdoor stuff when we were kids. We went hiking, biking, camping, swimming, sledding, bow shooting, played with legos, put together puzzles, and so many other things that would take me years to tell. One of my favorite things we used to do was rubber band fights. I remember this one time I was sitting in my bedroom minding my own business and the next thing I knew there was a rubber band flying past my face. I look up and see my dad with this classic look of It wasn't me as he runs around the corner. Now, I was in college and happened to work third shift and was constantly bringing rubber bands home from work which I kept on the back side of my door knob. So as quick as I could, I started grabbing rubber bands and started flinging them across my hallway into my parents' room. This went on for a good half hour as my dad and I started a war. I can't remember a time where I laughed so hard. It's times like these that stick out because my dad doesn't laugh a lot, but when he does it usually ends in tears from laughing so hard.

He is one of the best teachers I know, and always wanted to include us in whatever he was doing. All he had to do was say Jump and we were in the middle of whatever project he was working on. We never felt left out or like we were too little to do anything. He always made us feel like we were a part of something whether it was big or small. Without him, I wouldn't know anything about computers, tools, cars, homes, or anything else. Whatever he was working on whether it was putting shingles on the roof, replacing the brakes on the car, fixing a computer, or building something in the garage, he always made sure we had a chance to help. My brother and I are very well rounded because of him.

My dad is also very good at showing us how important it is to help others. We used to be involved in a Christian bow shooting club for the blind. We got to help kids who were blind shoot bow for the first and maybe only time in their lives. My dad helped make this possible. He showed so much affection toward these kids and helped to show them that being different isn't always a bad thing. He also was able to show my brother and I how important it is to reach out to people and help the ones who are hurting more than us. I think this is one of the most important lessons you can learn in life. Your life might be tough, but there is always someone out there who has it worse. My dad till this days shows us that.

My dad has also taught me what a great parent looks like. A good parent doesn't yell, doesn't blame, and certainly doesn't beat. Whenever we were in trouble he was always so calm, and always gave us a chance to tell our side of the story. He never made you feel like you let him down and never made you feel like you couldn't talk to him. I have always been able to talk to him. Whenever something wasn't going my way, I could go to him and figure out how to make it okay. To this day I still go to him. I used to ride with him every day to work, and I loved it because we got to talk. He got to talk about his stresses and I got to talk about mine. He is one of the best listeners I know. Never once does he judge or even put in his two cents until he knows you're done talking. This is another one of the many things that makes him such a great dad.

My dad is also one of the most emotional and proud fathers you'll ever meet. He loves us for who we are and wouldn't change a thing about either one of us. We've both got homes and he's so happy that we are settled and able to start a real life. When I graduated college, he had tears streaming down his face. He was so proud that I had accomplished everything I had set out to do. The biggest time I remember him crying is when I got married. My dad and I are attached at the hip and it was one of the best days, and worst days of my life. I love being married, but it was hard to move out and not have as much time with him as I did in the past. I am definitely and have always been daddy's little girl. There is so much love in our relationship and there is nothing that could break our bond.

There isn't enough time in my life that could tell you just how special this man is. He makes me laugh, makes me cry, and makes me love. I don't know what I would do without him. He is one in a million and I think he is the best dad on the planet. He's my hero. I live my life with his teachings and what his idea of love looks like. Even though I'm grown and trying to start my own family, he's still there. He's always been there for me. We still spend numerous hours fishing, building things, talking, and whatever else comes to mind. He always has us in mind even now. I can't wait to see him be a grandpa and help me to show my kids what love is and what a family should be. I think he'll be the best grandpa in the world too. I am so blessed to have my dad and wouldn't trade him for the world.

-- Jessica

First off, I would like to nominate my husband Marvin Harris for Father of the Year! He is an awesome, awesome dad to his two boys and he does everything he can for me and them both. He has custody of them and we both have been raising them together ever since. He is very hard working and with just one income coming in the home, it is extremely hard. I have been unemployed for the last three years due to medical reason and awaiting an upcoming surgery. So again, I nominate Marvin Harris for Father of the Year!

-- Laura

I Nominating my sons Father Willie Jackson..tho he passed last week it would mean everything if he was recognized for being an AWESOME DAD...after being told he wouldn't ever be able to have kids after having 3 kidney transplants we conceived my son Aaron...he vowed to be a better to our son than his Dad was to him...my son almost had 10 wonderful yrs with his Dad...if u saw Aaron u saw Will...and tho our relationship ended he NEVER faltered from being a GREAT DAD..I work over 80 hrs a week and he would pick our son up from school and keep him even after doing dialysis 3x a week and working he still was there everyday...my son lost his best friend 6/4/14 and we both are hurting but I know he's not suffering anymore and if he could be here with Aaron he would....such an awesome man gone to soon!

-- April

From the time I was a little girl, my memories of my father were of his working long hours to provide for us. I couldn't wait for Daddy to get home, and when he did, no matter how tired he was, he was funny and cheerful. From my dad, I learned to enjoy every minute I have. As I grew older, he took us to the lake, and he taught me to fish and camp on weekends. Again, he was busy making a living, but I knew how much he loved us all. A few years ago, when he faced open heart surgery, my family realized that he is the driving force that melds us all together. Seeing him weak for the first-- and only-- time was the most difficult time of my life. But with hard work and unwavering faith, he recovered. Only a few years after that recovery, he faced a devastating injury, however. This time, his normally cheerful demeanor was tested: He had faced a deadly heart condition, only to recover to deal with yet another injury? His outlook on life was tested. I saw his resolve to remain positive and productive waver. But this crisis of faith defined his character: He has come through to be again the loving, cheerful, driving force in my life.

Now, I am almost 50, and he is at retirement age, but he still works because of a very important value I learned from him: perseverance. He walks slower and wears glasses, but now he is not just "Daddy," but also "Pappaw." His children and grandson will forever be stronger, not because of what he said to us, but because of the lesson he LIVED TO US.

-- Tracey

He's giving and loving and caring as can be, He is always there for my siblings and me.
He goes out of his way to give us support,
and help us out in situations of all sorts.
I'd love to pay him back and bring him good cheer,
by nominating him for father of the year.

-- Sarah

My husband is an amazing dad. he stays home with our daughter when I work. Now I am recently diagnosed with a rare lung disease and am writing this from the hospital. my husbandis taking care of everything and doing am amaxing job of it, even though he himself is not well, he had back surgery in December. He is a greay man and deserves the world.


My dad works really hard all the time. When he's not working he's spending all of his spare time with me and my little sister and Mom. He never asks for anything for himself. He talks about these chips all the time and since we can't buy them here in Montana this would be a perfect Fathers Days gift for him. He LOVES the Red Hot ones :).

-- Tayalyn

My father is the best because he spends time with me and my sisiter! He is always there for me. I have a rare bone condition and that dis not stop my father from doing everything he can for me! I am in a wheelchair and he is the only ine I trust to lift me and carry me! My dad is the best because when things seem impossible for me , he always finds a way for me to be paet of it too!! My real father gave up on me and I met my daddy when I was 2 years ild! Even though he is not my blood that dies not matter ti him. He loves me just like his oyher daughter! He took the role of being my dad and I am so greatful he is my father!!

-- Anna

This is for my husband Mark! Is is the best dad ever to my 2 kids and the hardest working man I know!! He is the love of my life and my best friend!! He is always there for our family and always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs help!! I love him with all my heart for always being there through all of our ups and downs Always putting us before himself!!

-- Karen

My husband(Mike) should be father of the year because even though he works 24 hr shifts and teaches, and everything else that he has to do. He is always there my son and I. Providing for us and making sure we have all we need, and make sure he is there for us for special occasions. He is an awesome rolemodel and husband. We couldn't do this without him and all of his help!

-- Julie

My Dad is a regular guy with a huge heart. He lived by example. Dad was a pharmacy owner in a very small town. When people couldn't pay for prescriptions, he would never turn them away. Customers would pay him in all sorts of ways including baked goods, handyman services, eggs or other farm products. My brother and I learned about caring for the wellbeing of your neighbors and serving your community through him.

-- Rita

My father if father of the Universe he took me in and cared for me as if

I were his biological daughter. He never made me fee as if I was any less than the best. He

Was there for every important day of my life graduation and nurse pinning, even after working a 16 hour shift. He taught me to be strong and caring and to behave like a lady. He helped me through his passing by making me celebrate his life. I've never known a better man, if one exists.

-- Tomika

My Father has sacrificed a lot so that me and my siblings could have the best experiences in life. He served 21 years in the marine corps, and the majority of his careeer he was deployed. Even after he had the opportunity to come home and work a decent job, be found the strength to go back overseas and work there in order to ensure me and my siblings could go to college without the debt of student loans.

-- Jon

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 20. My dad was devastAted , driove from up north in boyne and stayed every single day in the hospital with me. From when I was admitted to discharged . He was there day and night. Never left my side. And upon being discharged he followed a strict no sugar diet with me to make me feel not alone. Two years later, he is still who I call my best friend.

-- Angel

I nominate my father, Albert Jacob Flickinger, as Father of the Year, as he is an excellent support financially, emotionally, all the way around. I was born with mild cerebral palsy (I am almost 41 now and have lived on my own), and my Father (and mother) did an excellent job raising a child with special needs on their own with no help from family, friends, or healthcare. My father is always there when I need him, even at the age of 40. He was the one who had the patience enough to teach me how to play softball in my teens, and who taught me how to drive when I was 23. I have never known a time when my father was not there for me. I appreciate you taking the time to read a brief story about my father; and I used the word "brief" because I could go on all day about the wonderful father God gave me! By the way, he loves your chips!

-- Kimberly

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