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Dad of the Year Contest

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Dads! They are our rock! If we are girls- we are Daddy's little princess- and if we are boys- they teach us how to play baseball and football. Give Dad a present he is sure to enjoy - Better Made Snack Foods! Vote for " Dad of the Year"! NOW!

The Dad of the winning entry will receive a delicious Better Made sampler gift box!

All submissions will be posted on the Better Made website. The winner will be chosen on Father's Day Sunday, June 15th.

Enter Your Father

2013 Dad of the Year Winner - Edward W. Stacey

A father. What is that exactly?

Is that the man that hugs you every night before sending you off to bed?
Yes, my father did that.

Is that the man that worked countless hours just to put braces on your teeth?
Yes, my father did that, too.

Is that the man that made sure you had a prom dress just as nice as everyone else's even though times were a bit tough?
I've been there.

Is it the man that invested in a great starter car so that you could drive off to the college of your choice?
Yes, he did that, too.

Is that the man that took you to Eastern Market on the weekends to help fill the refrigerator in your new apartment?
Yes again.

Is that the man that saw you off as you moved far away with your new husband and told you to call him if you ever needed anything?
Yes, he did that too.

Is that the man that picks up the phone just to ask if you are alright after reading an email that just didn't sound right?
He did that, too.

I have the greatest of fathers, even if he doesn't win your contest. But what makes him even more incredible than the words that I've written, is that he isn't my biological father. And by law, not even my real step-father. But he is the man that decided to call himself my father and step up to the plate when my biological father did not.

This year's Father of the Year goes to: Edward W. Stacey

Roxann Busch

Contest Entries

I would like to nominate my Husband, Petty Officer 2nd Class Benjamin Peterson, as Father of the Year.

He is the only father my son knows. When my husband stepped in almost 2 years ago my son didn't have a steady father figure. Now he has become the best father I could of ever imagined. My Husband is also a Petty Officer 2nd Class in the U.S. Navy. He is part of the Silent Service working on submarines. He manages to balance being a Father and a Sailor all at the same time.

I love him dearly for it and I know our son does as well. Attached is my Favorite picture of them together. I believe he is father of the year because of the sacrifices he makes for our family and that he stepped up to the plate to accept Robby as his own.

Please consider my Husband for Father of the Year. I know he deserves it.

Thank you,
Joy Marie Peterson

Noah Burstyn truly is the ultimate Daddy. Just 24 yrs old, still in school and decided to adopt my first son as his own. Then we got pregnant and he stuck by us better than any man I have ever met. Although with two kids he still manages to provide financially for his family and maintain an 80% avg. in school. He is so committed to loving us, and always trying to create a better life style for us without breaks, till he makes himself sick because failure is just no option. His relationship with his children also thrives.

Our two children anticipate the moment he comes home from school or work to greet him with open arms. When he`s home he doesn`t "throw the book" or expect to be catered too. He plays, cuddles, and spends time with his children. He does this with almost no support from his parents or family and succeeds at doing what the average person wouldn`t be able to all on their own.

While be a loving father, husband and commendable student he also helps anybody in need that he sees in the community as well as animals who are injured and fighting for survival. It truly hasn`t been easy for him, yet with all these honourable qualities, discipline and the obstacles he has faced he truly deserves recognition for his hard work and unconditional love.

Jesycka Luisa

My dad is my hero. This year we lost our older brother at the age of 24. But not a day goes by that my dad does not still make me feel loved. He still gets up at 4:00 in the morning and goes to work everyday. It would be easy to stay home and not want to go on with his life. But not my Dad.

I know this has been a real hard year for him but because he is a real Dad and knows Jesus he has the faith to keep living his life every day for his family. Thank you dad for not quitting our family and still loving us enough to provide for all of us and showing us that God loves everyone enough to give second chances. He still makes me and my brother have fun times even though all of his stress he goes through.

Summer Millard

My dad, Joe Scicluna, has been through a lot with my parents being divorced at a young age and having to basically raise his two sons on his own for a couple years with the help of family. He was always there for us volunteering at school when he could and trying to keep our family financially stable working shut downs as a steamfitter getting in some 20 hour days. He was always there for my brother who played travel ice hockey and would take him to every game and practice which occurred many days a week. He kept my brother playing hockey even when my dad couldn't afford it. He knew his son was good and enjoyed the sport so he didn't want him to stop.

He worked long hours trying to get his kids a nice home to live in since we had to sell our house when my parent got divorced. Through all the tough times he was there helping his two sons do their best in school. When my parents got a divorce my dad took over all the responsibilities of the household including cooking us all our meals, cleaning around the house, shopping for groceries and clothes, and taking his sons to school and sports. My dad always cared for us through the tough times of the divorce and he wanted us to stick together since a young boy needs to have a father. I am blessed to have such a father who wouldn't abandon his family while under the pressure of a divorce and financially unstable.

My dad deserves to be the father of the year. He still takes care of his two sons Nicholas and I (Christopher). Now that we both are out of high school, my dad is telling us to go get our degrees so we don't have to work a job like him. He wants the best for his two sons and is constantly by our side no matter what problems we may have. As a family we have pushed through the tough times of a divorce so we can take on any problems or challenges we might have with the help of our dad. He is the Father of the Year in my eyes.

I Love You Dad,
Christopher Scicluna

Dear Better Made, our father is a dedicated, hard working man who leads by example. He works at the post office 8-10 hours a day, runs a landscaping company, does security on the side, and helps out at his church in any way that he can. He is constantly preaching to us (his children, nephews, and nieces) to get up and do something, get something with you name on it other than your drivers license, and time waits on no one. In addition to taking care of all of that, he makes it a point to see that we get enrolled in and get to extra curricular activities such as track, JROTC, DAPCEP, Church, and young adult educational seminars.

My dad also takes his 85 year old mom around to take care of her needs. My dad is a role model and leader for all that know him. Several people tell him that they don' t see how he does all that he does in a 24 hour period. By the way, our fathers favorite snack is Better Made Potato Chips. He loves the hot corn chips!

Thanking you in advance,
Brianna, Tahj, and Tacarra

We think our dad should be father of the year. He is the most unselfish man we know. When our grandpa was dying of cancer, dad was there with grandma to help any way he could . He is our best friend . We have been on many fishing outings and he was at all of our sporting games . He even was at all the practices we had . He never told us we did bad even if we lost a game . He helped out at all our schools any way he could.

In high school he was the band booster vice president and all our friends would go to him if they needed help or just someone to talk to . Our dad is a hard working man and has helped me and my brother in any way he could . We hope that one day we will be just like our dad to our children . We love you very much dad. Jim and Christopher Olson.

Christopher Olson

My dad is hands down my hero. For many reasons but notably his strength, faith, and perseverance. My dad is the smartest person I know, not only because he is committed but because he never gives up. My dad grew up in the small town of Marietta, Ohio. Not many opportunities are available there leading him to know that he had to rely on himself in order to achieve success. He thought that the University of Miami was undoubtedly the right choice for him, but with a full schedule of classes, a several hour course load not recommended by even teachers, the stress broke him down.

Why does this make him my hero? Because he kept going. A breakdown didn't stop my dad from getting to where he was going. Giving up wasn't an option for my dad. He transferred to Marietta College, an amazing school where he grew up and earned a degree in engineering as well as lettering in cross country. He went way past the small town he knew and demonstrated how badly he wanted success by interning several summers in Alaska and Texas. Texas being the complete opposite of the mid-Ohio valley, this was a big accomplishment that he knew he needed to do to reach his goal.

Then, another obstacle hit. The oil market collapsed. The career path my dad had worked so hard for was gone. Once again, giving up was not an option. My dad went on to graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin, on a nearly full scholarship. From a small town in Ohio to one of the biggest schools in the nation. He graduated with a 3.9 GPA and a masters in finance. He then was the director of finance at Frito-Lay, one of the biggest corporations in the nation. When he hit 40, something abnormal happened, my dad, an avid runner felt something wrong with his heart while running. He was right, it was heart disease. The doctors told us that if he waited one more day to get surgery, he would die. So then it happened, quadruple bypass surgery. My dad is a survivor. My dad is my hero. Now, retired from Frito-Lay, hes achieving his dream of becoming a teacher and helping kids achieve their dreams.

He showed me to never give up, when things go badly, you keep going. He showed me the true meaning of pushing through and having faith that things will work. My dad didn't ever give up. Not when he lost his job, not when he had to move somewhere completely new, not when he was diagnosed with heart disease, not when he retired and is now facing the challenge of getting his teaching degree and he certainly wont give up now that he has been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis. My dad has shown me that it doesn't matter where you come from or what happens throughout your lifetime, your dreams will be achieved if you never ever stop going. That's why my dad is my hero.

Marie-Claire Wharton

When I think of a dad…… I think of someone who can ALWAYS be counted on. Someone who always has your bests interests in mind. I think of a man who wants you to be successful no matter what! I think of a man who leads by example, and is not afraid to tell you the truth if you are doing something wrong! I think of a man as the leader of a family, someone who makes you laugh when you are sad, someone you can turn to when all you need is a simple hug.

See, I don't have that, and up until 7 years ago I didn't think that type of person was real. My dad left me when I was young and never turned his back. I am now 29, married, and have 2 boys!

The man above is my Father in Law, a true example of what a dad is and should be! Jim has 4 girls whose ages range from 21 to 28. "Boy am I happy to have little boys..hahaha"! All kidding aside Jims second oldest Melissa had cancer at a young age. I can only imagine what this could do to a family, but from everything that I hear….Jim was the rock, the one who kept all the rest of the family sane! I am sure he had to make tough decisions, but at the end of the day things turned out because Melissa is now 20 years cancer free!

Jim has put all the girls thru school and is there to hold them accountable if things are not going the way they should. Jim lead from Christian values, and that is huge because you just don't see that anymore. Jims works hard every single day, and could be super tired and still will help you with whatever you need. See I am not a super handy type of guy, but I know Jim would come over to my house in a second to help me out with anything, and not just help me but take the time to teach me how to change oil in my car, or build a new deck, or fix a toilet. The girls are spread out pretty far and he is the first one to drive out if there filling lonely, or need help moving. This man put his family in the front of the line all the time, he is not quick to anger and such a great person.

Not only has he helped me and the rest of his family, he is always there for my 2 boy. Jim help me coach my 7 year old Miachel's baseball team and never misses a game for all the sports my 6 year old Jayden is in! Not only we count on Jim, but my boys do as well. They love being with there Grandpa, he is such a great guy, and great example. I am so glad that I have him in our lives!!!

One day I want to be just like he is…. Thanks for all that you do Jim, it does not go unnoticed!!!!

Thank You,
Miachel McFeeture

I am nominating my son, Dan Jones, for the honor of Father of the Year. There are so many reasons he deserves this, but I will only mention some of them here. Dan is a 33-year old father of three who is completely devoted to his children. His wife works full time; and he is, for all intents and purposes, a stay-at-home dad. He works full-time during the school year and is currently going to college, but nothing gets in the way of his parenting. One of the main reasons I feel he deserves the distinction of Father of the Year is because in spite of growing up without a father, he decided long ago to be the best dad he could be.

Dan basically grew up with no positive male role models. (His dad left us when he was only a few months old, has had very little to do with Dan over these last 33 years and has never had anything to do with his grandchildren.) My father died when I was six years old, so Dan didn't even have a grandfather to look up to. In spite of all this, he chose to break the cycle and is eternally devoted to his children. He spent his days changing diapers and getting up with them through the night when they were small. He has nursed them through many illnesses and taken care of their many boo boos. He is involved in every aspect of their lives from school to leisure activities like soccer and piano lessons. He has taught them all how to ride their bikes and skateboards and has coached their baseball and soccer teams. He does this out of pure selflessness; because even though he was never really interested in sports himself, he recognizes the importance it can play in his children's self esteem and health.

Dan has reared all of his kids from birth (they are now 12, 9 and 7). He is married to a wonderful hard-working career-oriented woman. When their oldest son was small, she chose to go back to college to get her degree, while he worked from home and raised his kids. He encouraged and supported her every step of the way. Taking extreme pride in her many accomplishments. Dan is a very talented film maker and writer, who put his own career on the back burner for his wife and children. He has recently enrolled in college, but will not allow classes to conflict with his family time.

Dan finds the time to ride bikes with his daughter to and from her school every day the weather makes it possible. He does this to spend "quality time" with her and to save the environment. He is a dad who never uses TV or video games to "babysit" his kids. No matter how busy he is or how much of a fight they put up, he insists on them playing outdoors (weather permitting) and having many other interests. He has taught them to play too many board games to count. He has been reading to them every day since my oldest grandson was still in the womb. His emphasis is always on them learning new things and being well-rounded. He plays with them in the sprinkler and in the rain. He doesn't believe in kids having cell phones or ipads, or sitting in front of a computer screen (but recognizes it is a necessary tool for some school projects).

It would be so easy for him to let the kids sit in front of the TV all day or sit around texting their friends or playing video games for hours on end but instead he chooses the hard way, which is being involved with them and knowing what they are doing every minute of every day. He never misses a sporting event or recital or teacher conference. He takes very little (if any) time for himself. The occasional movie and dinner out with his wife is about the extent of his "me" time and that is usually because I insist on having the kids over for the night.

I think in this age of technology it is rare to find a Dad so devoted to the simpler things in life and so focused on teaching them how to treat each other well and take care of each other. When I see my grandson grab his sister's hand to cross the street or pull her back out of harms way, it makes me pause and realize he learned this behavior from his Dad. I am not saying he is perfect. Like all of us, he loses his temper at times, he's not the greatest housekeeper, and he certainly isn't rich. His kids don't have the big beautiful homes a lot of their friends have. They also don't eat out in restaurants on a regular basis. They do order the occasional pizza when schedules get too hectic, but this is not common practice in their home, as he feels it is not healthy. He has recently been teaching himself to cook and is actually devising his own kid friendly, but healthy recipes, so that when his wife doesn't have time or energy to cook, he can do this too.

Luckily my grandchildren will grow up with a Dad and he is the best there is.

Nancy Goldpaugh

I nominate my Uncle Steve Hensley for father of the year. When my brother and I were very young, an unexpected tragedy took the life of our mother. She was divorced, and our father was unfit to take on the responsibility of fatherhood. My Uncle Steve (a.k.a. Dad) and my Aunt Kathy (a.k.a. mom) were raising two boys of their own at the time. Without hesitation they graciously opened up their home to us and cared for us until we left for college and the military. I never once heard my Uncle complain about the extra burden.

In fact, along the way he found time to coach our little league baseball teams, take us to work with him for a little "character building", buy and fix mini-bikes, go karts, and get me my first and second cars. He taught me skills that have carried through to my adult life. We never had a lot of extra money, but some how my Aunt and Uncle managed to keep us dressed, fed, and put gifts under the tree every Christmas.

Uncle Steve is humble man with a good sense of humor and always puts others before himself. That's why I nominate Steve Hensley for Father of the Year and that's why I'm proud to call him "Dad".

Joseph T. Griffiths

My dad, Kip Michela (or otherwise known as "Daddy-o" by his two daughters), deserves to be awarded the Father of Year contest winner. My dad has demonstrated his love for two things for as long as I can remember: his family, and chips.

I have my father to thank for my quick metabolism, my height and bone structure and my intense obsession with Better Made Chips...specifically Red Hot BBQ flavored Better Made Chips. We can easily take down a bag just the two of us. Whenever I make a visit home, my parents are sure to stock up on at least a couple bags for munching.

He's not one to hog the chip bag either, he shares his chips with his family much like he has shared everything else he's had in life. My dad has always put his girls, my mother, my sister and I, before everything else in his life. He has sacrificed both his time and his money and has worked hard at the same thankless job for the last 25+ years so that my sister and I could have a good start in life. So that we were able to have a car to drive to our first jobs we had while in high school...so that we were able to be a little less in debt after four years of college...so that we could start families of our own and give him little chip-eating grandsons.

My dad has always been there for us, taught us what was right and always put the happiness of his family before his own. This year, on Father's Day, I would LOVE to see the happiness spread across his face when he receives a sampler gift box of one of his favorite things - Better Made chips!

Ashley Barberi

When I met my husband it was the greatest day of my life but not just y life but my sons lives as well..

Because Since the day we met he has taken on my (our) 3 sons not just financially but physically and emotionally...He helps them with home work...Teaches them to love honor & respect others like only a father can do.

Its Not Blood that makes a dad

Salina Marie Henry

My father, Edward Lumpkin, Sr. is the epitome of doing what you're supposed to do. He's one generation removed from sharecropping. As a young man he used the Air Force as a way to escape the fields. He turned that into a career in electronics that provided for a family of four.

He was not a man of many words. Just endless uncelebrated actions. From the cradle through today he's been a pillar of knowledge & understanding. From moving the family to Florida for a better life, to changing shifts to spend more time with the family, he's been there.

Biased I may be, but he's always been the male role model in my life. So, it was my distinct honor to introduce him to Better Made Potato Chips two years ago. He's been a fan ever since. A small way to say, "Thank you."

My father is one of the best I know. He may be my step father but he is still my dad. From the time I was little to the grown women I am not he has made me who I am. He works himself so had at everything he does. Has gotten 2 promotions at work in the past year.

He pushes me to be the great person he knows I can be. He's a loving, caring compassionate man. Without him, I don't know where I would be today. He has made my life so wonderful. When I was little he would take me out to softball games and teach me how to throw a ball and hit it. I can also remember when him and my mom got married he got me a ring and asked me to be his step daughter, I felt so honored to be apart of his life.

He truly is such an amazing man. I am proud to say that he is my father and that I can call him dad. He's a perfect candidate for father of the year because he knows what a father should be.

Haileigh Gross

My name is Stacey I am 12 years old . I want to nominate my dad as the Father Of the year. Because he cared so much for me, he takes me to school, he picks me up & he helps with my school work.

He takes me to movies, shopping, he takes me to my friends, and he makes my food. He's been like this since my brother died when he was 10 years old. To me he is the dad and the mom I love him so much he is the most caring father and he has the biggest heart. He got me my cat 3 years ago his name is Simba. He is rag doll white, light tan paws and nose with blue eyes. My dad is so concern about me spends lots if quality time with me please choose him the father if the year he deserves it!


Dear Better Made Snack Foods,

I am sure you have gotten many submissions a day, but I would like to say the person who I am nominating is not only my father, but my rock, the person I try to impress and my life coach. He has been there my whole lifetime and with out him I don't think I would by nearly as hard working and independent as I am.

Over the past 10 years I have seen my dad struggling with financial issues. But, he try his bet not let my two younger sisters and I see it. He always tried to provide us with as many opportunities as possible, whether it was trying a new sport, playing an instrument or even running us to get a frozen coke he would always find a way to make it happen. This also goes for or neighborhood whenever someone else is in need my dad is the one who is always there to help. He is known in our neighborhood as the guy who would drop anything or make time to help someone else whether its taking out the trash for our elderly neighbors, cleaning their gutters and even fixing other peoples cars who are financially struggling as well.

My dad works harder then anyone I know and is has been my role model. I know my dad would love to give my sisters and I more but due to our financial issues he does what he can, and that is being there for us emotionally whenever I need him. My dad has had one tough life, but never shows it and that makes our family as strong as we are. I am proud to say within the next year I look forward to being the first child and grandchild to graduate college, and without the support of my dad I would not be where I am today.

But, let me tell you how hard my dad works just to keep the bills paid. He worked every single day; he has a full time job in the automotive industry, which was recently bought out by another automotive company. Once he gets home from work, he goes right to refereeing soccer to make ends meet. My dad works year round refereeing soccer even in the winter at an indoor complex. My dad is well known in the community and everyone knows him as a hard working father who loves his family and would do anything to help anyone else out. My dad is the best father anyone could ask for and he deserves so much more than I could ever be able to give him. I always try to make every holiday and birthdays for him special, because every birthday he does the same for my sisters and I.

Whether if its little surprises we wake up to, for example; a balloon in our car with crown with our age on it, or when we are sick he stops everything he needs to do to make sure we are taken care of. I know that to my sisters and I, OUR DAD IS FATHER OF THE YEAR TO US. J

Nicole Kolts

My step father, Ron Kentala has been in my life since I was 8 years old. My real father was abusive to my mother and she divorced him. My step father helped us start a new life and gave my brother and I a good family foundation.

He took us up north on several family vacations as well as made sure we had everything we needed as children to survive. I remember wanting a pair of Reebok shoes and they were quite expensive back then. He worked a lot of overtime to make sure I got them for Christmas.

He did the same when I wanted a varsity jacket, volleyball shoes etc. I just want to let him know how important he is and what a blessing he has been for my brother, mother and I.

We love you DadK.

Sherry Dommer

I would like to nominate my husband on behalf of my son for father of the year 2013.

Cody was born with Cystic Fibrosis. When Cody has to go into the hospital it is a very lengthy stay. Most of the time it last 21 days. Mike, Cody's daddy will stay at the hospital with us. Get up at 4 am to drive 1 hour and 10 minutes to make sure Cody's sisters are awake, and able to get ready for school, then off to school. After that he will drive back to the hospital at turn around and pick up his sisters from school. Make sure they have food and someone is there to keep an eye on them. Will drive back to the hospital to make sure Cody is comfy. He does all this just to make sure everyone is taken care of so Cody won't have to spend 1 minute alone in the hospital. And he is able to make him feel better. He does this each time Cody is admitted for 21 days each day.

On top of when Cody is in the hospital. Mike is very diligent on making sure Cody has all his breathing treatments, and all other meds that sometimes can take up to 6 hours a day to administer.

Michael Porter is Father of the year!

Thank you for reading.
Heather Porter

My dad is the best dad of the year and probably of the century. He is caring and helpful to everyone he meets. My mom and dad got a divorce in 2001 and he took custody of both me and my younger brother. Our financial situation went down the drain fast. My dad has owned his own lawn maintenance for over 35 years and when our financial situation became tougher then it had ever been, he worked even more then he ever had. He would leave the house at 5am and wouldn't be home most of the time till 10pm at night.

He dedicated all of his time to trying to provide a stable household and the care that both me and my brother needed. Now we are living in a better situation and have embraced each other to the fullest. My dad is still working and managing his own company but in his free time he donates almost every minute of it to helping others. He has a customer named Suzy who is a heart transplant and breast cancer survivor. He spends hours on end at her house helping her move furniture, clean her house and anything else she needs done. He never asks for anything in return.

Most of the time he doesn't even expect to be paid for the work he does. Even when his situation looks like it couldn't get any worse, my dad stands strong and doesn't give up. He loves me and my brother unconditionally and deserves to win the father of the Year award because of all of his dedication to us and others even in trying times.

Thank you
Katelin Pray

My name is Danielle, I'm a 26 year old stay at home mom and student. My husband Nicholas is an amazing father. He gets up at 330am every morning to get ready for his 2 hour commute. He works outside in the hot sun all day 6 days a week, preforming manual labor and pipe-fitting, even though he has multiple fractures to his spine. He usually gets home somewhere between 7 and 9 pm.

And even though he is tired and exhausted from the day, he wakes up in the middle of the night just to see his daughter, our 6 month old little girl, Catherine, to feed her, talk to her and rock her gently back to sleep. He is such a hard working daddy and I am so very proud of him.

Thank you so much for your time.
Danielle Collins-Oldham

Parrish Moore is currently serving active duty with the United States Air Force in Germany. He also serves as a full time single father. Parrish became a father two years ago to a beautiful baby girl named Parris. From the moment he became a father, he has devoted his entire life to Parris. Being a young, single father to a baby girl can be tough. Despite the odds, Parrish has proven himself very competent to play this role. Parrish has not only learned how to brush hair but he has learned how to style it as well. He has learned how to make a little girl look and feel like a princess while maintaining a hectic lifestyle overseas. Many times, Parrish cannot attend activities and events due to childcare. He has never complained. Many sacrifices have been made but Parrish loves every moment of being a father. If Parris could write, I am sure she would nominate her daddy as Father of the Year.

Before active duty, Parrish lived in Pontiac, Michigan. He has always loved Better Made chips, especially the Barbecue and HOT! In fact, he has asked many times for family and friends to send him some overseas. Parrish mentioned all he wanted for Father's Day was Better Made chips. Hopefully, we can go over and beyond just like he does for Parris and make him Better Made's Father of the Year.

Portia Williams

I would like to nominate my friend Jason Grindle for the Father of the Year contest. Jason has shown courage and leadership in the wake of his son's diagnosis with SMA Type 1, a terminal childhood disease. Jason and his wife Tj Grindle have not only fought hard against this illness (Ben is now beating the odds reaching by age 3), they have become fervent advocates for all SMA families and hold numerous fundraisers through their Team Ben Racing charity. Jason always has time for his precious daughter Lily and recently attended the daddy-daughter dance with her. He is an avid runner, motivating his family and tremendous circle of friends to stay positive, keep moving and stay healthy. I cannot think of a more deserving Father to win this prize.

Andrea Karmeisool Austin

A father is everything a girl can ask for. And my father Gary Whitman, is everything that I could have ever asked for. He is the truest and most sincere gentleman that I have ever know. I want to be at least have as respectable as he is. He is by far the most hard working dad in the universe. I don't think I have ever met someone as grateful, and loving as my dad.

My dad adopted me when I was seven from Russia. He showed me what a family is all about and for the first time, I was loved. I don't see him as my other dad, I see him as my REAL dad. The dad that took care of me through the years. The dad that loved me through thick and thin and never gave up on me. The father who knew when to punish me and when to not. He knew when to say yes and when to say no. My dad is by far the most amazing, terrific, fantastic father that I could have ever wanted. He would do anything to make sure I was safe and cared for. I don't know what I would do without him.

Thats why I believe that my DAD should be the FATHER OF THE YEAR. He deserves every bit of it. And I hope that I grow up to be as hard working and amazing as he is. I believe that god put my dad in my life for a reason and I will always love him no matter what obsticles are put in our way!!!! I love you dad! More than you will ever know!

Kristina Whitman

For the father of the year Contest I would like to vote for my brother Mark Schweda. He is a father to NINE! His oldest he adopted, the next 8 are all his. He is a awesome man, and needs to be recognized. I wish I had as much patience as he does, but he's like a big kid himself. Mark is always happy, and such a family man. He works and was going to school while constantly being there for his children.

I wish I could see my family more, because he lives in Wisconsin, whereas I live in Missouri. He makes sure he builds an individual connection with each child and always makes them feel unique. If you look at my nieces and nephews look at him, you can see how much they love him and look up to him. From homework to band aids he is ALWAYS 110% there for the kids. His children age range from 22- One years old.

His now current wife is truly amazing as well, she came into the relationship knowing he had all these kids, soon they got married and together had one of their own.

Samantha Dorn

Hello, I would like to recognize my husband, Anthony D. Perry as "Father of the Year" for 2012-2013. Anthony has been an amazing father for our 2 daughters this year. I am currently on a one year unaccompanied assignment in S. Korea, and my husband has been maintaining our home, taking care of our daughters, 2 dogs, and also working a full time job.

This is our first separation in 16 years of marriage, and he has truly been resilient, understanding, and loving during our time apart. He has managed to make me feel at ease and as comfortable as I could possibly be with this separation although I've missed our daughters' birthdays, our 16 year anniversary, and Christmas. I appreciate his love and support, and I would like him to be recognized for all he has done, and continues to do to keep our family strong, healthy, and safe.

Brandy R. Perry

I'd like to nominate my amazing husband Daniel VanderMolen for father of the year. We have only been parents for a little over a week now with our beautiful daughter August still in the hospital due to being born 7 weeks early but Dan has been more than anyone could ask for.

He has been helping me recoup so I can also be a good Mom. When I was too sick to see our baby he was on top of it -going to see her and hold her, being both the parents. I've never seen such awe in his face until he held his little bundle of joy.

I'm just excited to see what is next for us and can't wait to see Dan continue to be an amazing father. It's only been a week...and in my eyes he has already proved himself to be the best Dad out there!

Stephanie Vogg VanderMolen

I'm Maddy and I know my Dad deserves to win........My caring super dad dad deserves to win because he works very long and hard hours in a stressful job (don't we all), however the job isn't 100% of the stress, because he works over seas meaning we doesn't get to spend precious valuable time together. Hour long skype chats on a small screen make the time spent away from each other all the more heart wrenching.

I also think he deserves a treat because although he puts on a brave strong face for all of us cause he likes to be the provider for me (age 16) my mum and two sisters (aged 13 and 19), I know that he deeply misses us as much as we miss him and that he's scared that he will miss out on important events in our lives, such as me maturing and becoming a young woman.

He has already missed out on sending off my sister for university and I know that he will love this prize because after all he deserves the treats to make his fathers day all the more special. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

A daughter missing her dad from afar.

Maddy Brownsword

Hello i would like to nominate Tony for dad of the year, because he always do so much even if kids are not his on blood kids he help them out by reading to them, feeding them and just making everybody smile. He is always spending time with his kids and telling them uplifting things about them self. He should be a role model to dads just to show them time and life is short spend time with your kids. I would call him super dad because he is the best. Tony is a harder worker, great provider, great listener…..I can go all day.


My father should be father of the year because he is very nice, but that's not the only reason. He disciplines me so i don't get in trouble. He's not that discipline though. He buys me whatever I want when I ask for it unless its over 50 dollars, except Christmas or my birthday. He buys me 1,000 dollars worth of presents for Christmas and 500 dollars for my birthday. He would never let anyone hurt me or harm me.

If I'm mad he does whatever he can to make me happy. If i'm sick he goes to the store and gets me whatever i need to get better no matter how far away the store is. He helps me study and do my homework if i'm having trouble. He cooks really good stake and ribs on the grill. He likes to make me laugh a lot. He does a lot of funny stuff. He lets me play my game whenever I want, and watch whatever i want on TV. Him and I like watching Family Feud and Football games together.

We always play baseball and football together. We go fishing sometimes. He has to get my fish off the hook for me every time I catch one. We play madden 13 a lot. He always supports me in whatever i do. He takes time off work just to watch me play my sports. My dad is the most amazing person in the whole wide world and i love him so much. Please make my father the best father.

Jessica McCallister

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